A college and career readiness platform that empowers students.

What SchooLinks Does

SchooLinks is a modern, AI powered platform that supercharges counseling departments while delivering a fun and personalized experience to students and families. We streamline all post secondary planning activities from career interest inventory all the way to post-secondary outcome tracking.

Advanced Technology

SchooLinks utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to personalize and simplify the otherwise intimidating experience for students and family, while providing a set of powerful tools.

Unparalleled Support

Our support plan is year round, and we don’t charge by the hour. Your questions and emails will be answered within 24 hours. Students have access to instant chat support on the platform.

Data Driven

SchooLinks extracts behavioral analytics so that counselors don’t have to become data processors. We provide predictive analytics to aid district resource planning and improve outcomes.

What schools and students are saying about SchooLinks

"I was genuinely so much more excited about exploring colleges using SchooLinks than any other college search site."
Jalen High School Junior
"As the District puts resources in place to support students and their families on their journey towards college and career readiness, we are excited about introducing them to SchooLinks and their innovative planning tools."
Usamah Rodgers Assistant Superintendent for Strategic Initiatives and External Relations, Dallas ISD
"SchooLinks is the best College and Career Readiness application for school districts. It helps counselors provide exceptional services for students. The platform is extremely friendly and their customer service is outstanding."
Monica Garcia Director of Counseling, Judson ISD
"SchooLinks was very accommodating to our needs, their team is real quick to respond to our needs."
Phillip Chavez Chief Academic Officer, Edgewood ISD
"I am a visual learner, so I really like things that are visual appealing, and SchooLinks is setup in a very simple manner that makes it easy for me to know what information I am looking at and how that information is useful for me."
Jassary High School Senior
"I see students on the platform without me telling them... So I know that they are engaged and getting excited about applying to college."
Sara MorrisDean of College Counseling at Austin Achieve Public Schools
"SchooLinks makes the entire college process manageable, mainly because of the planner they offer, it is pretty unique. It breaks down different levels of tasks that you need to complete… and other things that might slip my mind."
Chris High School Senior

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