Private or public, small or big,
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How SchooLinks Helps Schools

SchooLinks is a modern solution for all stakeholders involved in college and career readiness program. It is intuitive, engaging and quick to setup. Because of that, we are able to generate more data and insights.

Counseling Superpower

SchooLinks offers a pre-configured yet highly customizable college and career readiness curriculum that contains learning modules and todos from middle school through high school. Supplemental lesson plans from SchooLinks make it easy to blend college and career readiness content in the classroom.

Personalized Planning Journey

SchooLinks offers different content and tools based on student’s post-secondary path. From swipeable personality surveys to virtual reality campus tour, each component of the site is carefully designed with student’s user experience in mind.

Re-imagine Accountability

Collecting data doesn’t have to be a chore. Because our user friendly interface, students are more engaged and like to be on the platform, thus allowing us to gain much more data than platforms. We then use sophisticated algorithms to help you track, predict and improve outcome.

SchooLinks is not just a College and Career Readiness platform

SchooLinks doesn’t just help your students through the entire college and career readiness journey, it makes your counseling department more efficient and effective.

Students no longer have to wait to talk to their counselors to understand where their stand in the process, SchooLinks Planner provides students with personalized roadmap to empower them to take ownership of the planning process themselves.

Counselors no longer have to manually enter information, because SchooLink does not only bring the entire process online, but also streamlines all activities, such as career interest inventory and course planning.

Talk to us about cutting Personal Graduation Planning time in half and reducing error rate.

SchooLinks for Students

SchooLinks is designed with a student first approach. The modern interface and user experience guide students through the entire post-secondary journey with a goal oriented approach. We help students find their passion and set goals, and also facilitate their course planning. Each activity is aimed to further refine student’s passion, purpose and plan.

SchooLinks for Families

Keeping parents informed and everyone on the same page is an important piece of post-secondary planning. SchooLinks’ Family Engagement portal allows parents to explore their students’ pathways, keep track of their progress and communicate with counselors.

SchooLinks for Counselors

A powerful toolset doesn't have to be complicated to use. SchooLinks user interface is intuitive and simple to use, no extensive professional development and training is required.

SchooLinks for District Administrators

SchooLinks generates a wealth of data from students' interactions on the platform and surfaces actionable insights for administrators. Reports include in-depth statistical analyses and predications based on historical post-secondary outcomes, which enable truly data-driven counseling programs.